Who we are, Our Story, and where it all began

In a heartfelt act of love, Darrell's daughter, Julie, entrusted me with the task of capturing her father's remarkable stories. At 86, Darrell's rich life journey became a cherished project, sparking unexpected discoveries. Collaborating closely, Darrell and I embarked on a profound adventure, illuminating his spirits as he shared cherished memories with family and friends.

Suddenly infused with purpose, Darrell radiated a newfound sense of validation, importance, and love, as his narrative unfolded. As we delved into photo albums, each page unveiled 'aah' moments, prompting requests for copies of his book. However, the path to publication proved costly and challenging. It became clear that a better solution was needed.

Teaming up with talented designers and visionaries, Remember Press was born. Together, we set out to create an accessible system for capturing and preserving stories worldwide. The result is here, offering you and your loved ones the joy of storytelling. We invite you to share in the wonderful journey that Remember Press brings to you and the world.

Christine Matheson Green
Founder of Remember Press

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