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Is there a book hammering on your brain wanting to get out?

Have you been struggling to write your book? 

Don’t know where to start?

Worse than loss? Regret. 

We’re turning over a new leaf for you…

Be among the first to tell your story

Remember Press is the lightning rod for people like yourself to tell and share their stories

Yes, we’re launching soon! 

Customisable format: A fully formatted template so you can upload your text and photos. Create your unique story.

(yes, it’s easy – we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to)

Writing Assistance: Writing and help guides and video courses by experts to usher you through. Access to quality editors and writers if you need.

Sharing and Printing: Link to public (or keep private if you prefer) web-version of your book with lots of ways to share your work

Best of all? The option of an embedded transcription service to get the hard work done for you

And because we care, if you register now, you’ll not only be the first to try this incredible, easy system, you get all this at no cost for 30 days.

Yes. 30 days free – to check it out.

We’ll help you start your story now, before it’s too late, so that you’re ready to go, when we launch soon.


Stories are the foundation of the entire world…

From our Founder, Chrissie: “It all began with Darrell… Darrell’s daughter Julie hired me to record her dad’s stories. He was 86 – and Julie’s insightful act of love began a journey that we couldn’t have possibly predicted.

Darrell suddenly had purpose – he felt validated, important, and loved. He shone. The memories sang of a life well lived. Sifting through photo albums provided many ‘aah’ moments. Everyone wanted copies of his book.

Getting it published though, was expensive and difficult. There needed to be a better way. Luckily, I joined forces with a talented team of designers and visionaries to develop Remember Press. It’s been an amazing project and I hope that you and your loved ones enjoy the process as much as we have, in bringing this wonderful opportunity to you, and the world.” Chrissie M. Green

Remember Press allows anyone to publish & share stories


Want to tell your story or record the story of a loved one but don’t know how to start?
Don’t just pass on your DNA, pass on your big life!


Need a way to make the connection with your customers stronger?
Show them what makes you tick to surprise and create loyalty!


Want a better alternative to publishing your book or novel? See your work out there without any hassles. And own it!

Share your memories with those you love

…in a book, or online

Crafting a Legacy with Values

Storytelling is one of the greatest superpowers – With our help and writing guides and our clever template – You’ll find the process very affordable, easy and fun.

Register now and enjoy our special early bird offer as soon as we launch. We’ll keep you in the loop

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